Tuesday, November 25, 2008

when times are hard

When times are hard and confusing, I find comfort and courage in surrounding myself with memories and stuff that legacies are made of. Reflecting backwards has a way of anchoring me so that I can grab grace that moves me forward into some of the hard life places.

Recently, I was thinking about my Grandfather (actually, I think about him alot!). And one story came to mind that for some reason, I've been clinging to.

After WWI, Germany and it's people were "punished" for all the damage they did against other countries. Part of that punishment was the rationing of food. Grandfather remembered well the days where all he had to eat was one half of a potato. Today, I look at a potato and am thankful for the plenty I have.

When life is hard, look backwards to those who've gone before you. Reflect on their stories and gain strength to go forward. These days I hold on to those stories from Grandfather's hard days. I also cling to the truths and promise I find in my Book. I read those stories of saints gone before me and those who are a cloud of witnesses and it's there also that I find comfort and courage in days that are confusing.

What about you?

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