Tuesday, October 07, 2008

days of repentance - holy days

These are the Holy Days where fasting and focusing on the Almighty takes place for both the Jew and the Muslim.

These religious and High Holidays (Ramadan, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur) are days of sweetness, purification, self-evaluation and self-sacrifice.

They are the days used as reminders where every Image Bearers will not escape that final day of divine reckoning with the Almighty where the sheep and the goat will be separated.

None of us can escape this present day opportunity that comes to search our hearts and see what wicked way resides in the secret recesses of our souls.

And how very interesting the timing of such an opportunity for all of us - as Judgment Day has indeed fallen on the greed, corruption and spilt blood on Wall Street. Is money not the gauge that reveals where a heart is toward Who God is?

A religious journal I occasionally read sites authors and financial advisers, James Dale Davidson and Sir William Rees-Mogg, who wrote in their book Blood in the Streets about their intrigue with the aspect of timing apparent in economic cycles:

"Even more mysterious is the strange tendency for major crashes to occur in the autumn, especially in October. For example, September 18, 1873; October 29, 1929; October 6, 1932; October 18, 1937; October 19, 1987; and October 13, 1989. Each of these dramatic results, among the largest drops ever recorded, occurred in the fall. The old view would be to argue that this is only coincidence, which of course is possible. Most likely some factor we do not now understand increases the vulnerability to selloffs in the fall."

The culmination of these religious holidays (both Jew and Muslim) signal the process of coming back to the Almighty. But if this coming back to the Almighty ends only at the culmination of this religious holiday and is not lived day in and day out with thought of The Divinely Appointed Final Judgment (Judgment Seat of Christ and the Great White Throne) without reconciled thought about the Incarnate Christ's sacrifice for all atonement, then I conjecture to ask, "What good is your sacrifice? For it's a sacrifice made by the hands of man and not the heart of a God who is seeking a personal relationship with those He created."

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