Saturday, August 23, 2008

i LOVE indian food - the dhaba

Last night Michael and I took two of our Indian daughters, Vidya and Ambika out for Indian food. We went to a brand new happening place called The Dhaba which a favored northern Indian cuisine of the Punjab region. It's a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere whose clientel is mostly young Indian families.

We enjoyed homemade breads, tandoori halal meats and a variety of other wonderful dishes. It was the best. If you live in the Phoenix valley, you MUST go.

Take note - of my new orange top - called a Kurthi - a gift from India from my daughters: Sowyma, Bindu, Vidya and Ambika.

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Amy said...

So sweet! You look lovely in orange!

Lylah said...

well, thank you very much :-) the food was so awesome! thanks for popping by!