Wednesday, August 20, 2008

$1 design finds

While my Madres Curry is simmering, I'm drinking coffee, watching my grandkids jump off the couch ( an absolute NO NO) and perusing through my new Domino Mag and this page on $1 design finds captured me and created a momentary beauty pause for me.

When Michael and I lived in Portland, OR. you'd find me on any given random day strolling through the downtown Goodwill. In my arms, you'd notice my $1 finds: tea cups and other beauty pause delights.


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Mrs. Sidney said...

Those are pretty!!

6HappyHearts said...

Love the posts from today!
I am dealing w/a few uncentered women that have been in my life for years & I sometimes wonder if I'm the one who's "off" & they are "normal"?! Ofcourse I see areas in myself I need to work on. Two questions,
1. Can you become "addicted" to the uncentered woman's "drama"?
2. How do you create healthy boundaries w/these women? They seem to invade in all sorts of areas of life.