Tuesday, July 08, 2008

traveling tales of lylah - part 9

Today's little trip took me through a section of Donostia ~ San Sebastian in Basque Country, Spain. The city is divided into little neighborhood burroughs. One of the things that I love about this city is the architectural style.

Sure, I know much of Europe is like this, however, here as I walk through the streets - to the bakery or the meat shop or to the Super Amada, I am slowed in gazing with great interest at the architectural design and color.
This little neighborhood is called Antiguo and the set of flats on the left are a beautiful emerald green tile and just to the right those flats are a golden stucco.

Below all the flats, in all the neighborhoods, are places to eat, shop and be community. I had to purchase a pair of shoes - after having my luggage "was lost." My favorite new shoe store is the one, just to the right of the little green sign.

I'm pretty good at saying, "No hablo Espaniol" and in response the woman at the shoe store let me know I had a few other options: French or German. YES! Ich kann ein bischen Deutsch sprechen.

And,do you think I had an adreline rush? Buying super cool shoes and actually having a a conversation in German! Yup!

Often while walking through different neighborhoods, you'll find merchants setting up their specialities like this: cheese and cheese and more cheese . . . . . . and bread. My last trip here (January 2008) I got to see a BIG open air market.

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