Thursday, July 10, 2008

a 3 year old roller blading princess

Miriam's big sister, Jillian, is mastering the art of long, smooth strokes (the mantra I taught her in roller blading -yeah, like I know what I'm doing - NOT).

She's a determined three-year-old who will probably be the Griffin family athletic one. She was quite the hoot trying out the roller blades at the Toys R Us (in Bilboa - an hour from Donostia). But, then, only a Nana might think so.

Mom - look, I'm almost doing it.
Mom - don't hold on to me.
Oops - ouch - I didn't know my legs did this kind of thing.
Ha - I'm getting it - well - at least it looks like it.
Phew. That's enough for today.
Here's the littlest Princess - geting ready to head out to the Plaza with the Biggest Princess.
Hey Mom...I'm getting it. Kinda.
Ta Da.
Look at that face -such determination.
"Nana, show this to Banna."

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