Saturday, June 14, 2008

ode to mi padre

My Dad! Yup, my Dad. It's Father's Day and I want to give my Dad the gift of bragging on him. First, I'm so thankful to God that I still have my Dad here, so that I can say, "Happy Father's Day, Dad!" I know so many don't and my heart aches. But for today, I'm thankful.

So, who is my dad? By the picture, you might think he's some crazy nutso case. But, no, my Dad is one of God's most gentle of men. He cares for the hurting and the helpless. He's taking some toys to some center in the picture above.

I'm my Dad's only daughter and my earliest memory of me and my Dad was about the age of 2 ish. It was my Dad's job to take me to get my first hair cut and being a young father (21), my Dad took me to the only hair cutting place he knew - his barber. Well, you can only imagine what I looked like.

The legacy my Dad is leaving is one of being a hard worker. His father instilled that in him and he instilled that in my brothers and me. Dad wasn't a slave master though, just a good, steady, hard worker. Dad didn't cut corners, just worked thorough.

Another legacy point my dad will leave is his love for the outdoors. I remember many camping trips to the White Mountains here in Arizona. My dad (and mom) always sacrificed to provide the best they could for us four kids. I remember trips to Disneyland - all four of us kids in the back of a little VW.

I don't remember Dad being an angry father. I actually don't ever recall either of my parents yelling or raising there voice at each.

One thing a daughter always needs is to feel protected by her father. In spite of my dad's few words - some lectures - but mostly not - I felt very protected by him. Sometimes, though I'd wish he'd said more to me.

Dad has a love of good music. I can remember Mitch Miller and Jim Reeves and other classic type of musical artists. Music was important to my Dad. I would always enjoy when he unpacked his accordion and play. I remember him taking me to my own accordion lessons.

One of my fondest memories was when I went through a painful divorce. Both my Dad and Mom sensed that I was not in a good place and both just showed up at my home. I so appreciate both my parents for rescuing me from an abusive marriage. They packed all my belongings and moved me and my daughters to the safety of their home.

Dad grew up in the Bronx, NYC. It's so strange to me that this New Yorker has made his home in Texas over the past 28 years.

My Dad is a man of many dreams - some fulfilled and many not. I think one of my Dad's dreams is to settle in the quaint town of Prescott, AZ. He and Mom would fit in there just right. Anyone want to buy their super cool house in Wichita Falls, Texas so they could move to Prescott? Please!

He was always an entrepreneur with great ideas - some that took off and some that didn't. My Dad is a smart guy. He understands politics and writes letters to those who are doing things he doesn't agree with.

Dad's also a great photographer. He has this totally creative side that I'd still like to see be tapped into. Dad's also done some gardening at his home in Texas. Way cool Dad.

My Dad is also very GREEN. He actually got on my "case" about waste and neglect for the earth and challenged me to do my part. Thanks Dad.

My Dad is a lover of life. He's an over comer. About five years ago, he overcame throat and thyroid cancer. I've never seen anyone be so strong going through such a hell as that. My Dad is a fighter. At all odds he's a fighter and I'm so thankful he is.

Dad...I am so proud to be your daughter - I love you...and well....really pray that you and Mom move closer . . . to Prescott????? Happy Father's Day! me

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The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

and I am proud to be his granddaughter!