Thursday, June 05, 2008

i'm still here

In case you're wondering where I've been, I've been kinda wondering that too! No, actually, Michael and I have been hostessing Michael's youngest brother, his wife and their two little munchkins for the past week or so. Griffin and Breana have spent the last week with us (off and on) as they are making a move to the Phoenix Valley. Super Cool.

Wednesday was my Nana Day with Zane and Ivana (yes, I do have other days I spend with them). We spend a good part of the day at the neighborhood pool. Too cute watching the grandkiddos with swim lessons.

Just to keep your interest up - I have a few writing projects on the cooker. Which one do you think I should post first?

1. Finding Power, Productivity and Joy - when a wife/mom Creates Sanctuary and implements a daily homefront routine: how to be 'on-purpose' for your day.

2. Why I Detest e-Harmony and the likes of these online dating traps. (hmmm...this one should be interesting and definitely raise some hair.)

3. How to Keep Your Marriage Alive - My 5 Top Secrets

4. Bless, Don't Battle Your Husband's Vision (I imagine there are some wives out there just waiting to read this one.)

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singlemomforgod said...

Oh my #3 & #4 will make good honeymoon reads for me!!!!

singlemomforgod said...

oh yead and # 1

rural momma said...

# 4 sounds really interesting, and so does # 1. Actually they all sound intesting, but those are top two favorites.

Kiende said...

As a mom with a toddler, I would love to hear #1

Jodie said...

All sound good, I'd vote for #1 or #4. Have a blessed week!

~yolanda said...

I vote for #1