Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kitchen Tips, Remedies

I love scanning bloggy world for some good tips and remedies. And today, I found a few that I thought worthy of posting here.

Organizing Tips
Some of the best tips for my kitchen or any other area of my Simple Home come from the Organizing Queens. Laura is The Organizing Queen and she's done it again - made me fall in love with her blog - especially her Rubbermaid containers in her garage. I'm dreaming that ours will look like hers - one day.

Lately, Laura's into baskets and so much so that she's started a Basket Carnival. For the best tips on baskets and organizing go here and then for a simple idea on how I used a basket go here.

Onions and Tears No More
For some reason, I'm really good at buying onions that make me cry. And, I don't use water proof mascara! I've researched different ideas on how to chop an onion without tearing up and this one looks like it's tried and true! It comes from the Kudzu Grows blog and her tip for onion chopping is to have a candle lit next to your chopping block. Great idea and from the comments it looks like it works!

Heartburn Help
Even though my last baby was thirty one years ago (Happy Birthday Jenni), I can still remember the burps and heartburn.

Mrs. Pear's remedies are:
five small meals instead of the usual 3
sitting up after meals no matter how much I feel like laying down - a compromise is to sit with feet up on a stool, or some such arrangement.
avoiding spicy food
eating peppermints when the heartburn hits
having a few sips of carbonated soda (decaf of course) when heartburn hits

Tomato Tip
My readers know that we're having fun gardening but unfortunately our tomatoes have been a bummer this season. My lovely friend Lindsay has given me some good reading here with her post on Tomato Tips and Tricks. I LOVE it. Thanks Lindsay.

The Importance of Soaking Grains
Another important tip from Lindsay is about the value and necessity of soaking grains. I admit that I have been lax until I read this article by Amanda Rose, Ph.D. She explains how soaking grains (our steel cut oats we eat most mornings) effects the phytic acid and mineral loss.

Stain Removal Tips
One of the things I need is a small list of good, quick stain remover tips. I found this one at Heather's Blog.

Removing Blood - Hydrogen peroxide
Removing Grass Stains - Shout
Removing Ink - Aerosol hairspray
Removing Grease or Oil~ Your best friend in the case of a grease stain is a good dish soap. She prefers Dawn.

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Heather said...

Great blog! Thanks so much for the link! :o)