Saturday, May 17, 2008

costco goes organic - sorta

I'm into green ( as much as I can be and am learning to be) and I'm into organic. And, tonight while taking an OJ break, I peeked on over at Lindsay's homey blog with tons of helps and tips and noticed her April 27th post about her Costco Organic Finds. Wow, am I jazzed with women like Lindsay who help women like me out - she makes my life sweeter.

Here's what she posted about Costco:
Organic Baby Food (Earth’s Best)- 24 jars of organic baby food for $13.99…that’s $0.58 per jar! Now that’s a good deal, and a good brand! The box came with 3 different kinds, 8 of each. Varieties were: vegetable and turkey, banana, pear & oatmeal combo, and the last was sweet potatoes, I believe.

Ecos Laundry Detergent - approx $13.69 for 105 loads -wonderful natural detergent! Concentrated so you don’t use very much. Lasts us 3 months while washing around 5 loads per week.

Organic Butter - $6.89 for 2 lb - another good deal - I stretch its use!Organic Peanut Butter - 2/28 oz for $7.45Organic Cold-Pressed Olive Oil - 2/1 litter $17.49Maple Syrup - they often sell an organic version (around $20 for 64 oz)Organic Pacific Tomato Soup - 6/32 oz. $9.99

Organic Chicken Broth - 6/32 oz. $9.49Amy’s Organic Soups - 8/14.3 oz. $11.79
I was so excited to find these tomato products, as their prices were much cheaper than my other source, Azure Standard.

S & W Organic Tomato Paste - 12/6 oz. $4.99S & W

Organic Tomato Sauce - 12/15 oz. $5.95S & W

Organic Diced Tomatoes - 8/14.5 oz. $6.69

Uncured Bacon- 3/12 oz. $10.75Organic Ground Beef - 3 lbs $11.99Organic Whole Chickens for $1.99 per pound!

Organic Raisins - 48 oz $5.69

Organic Salsa (30 oz) & Bean Dip (16 oz) -come together - $5.89

Lundburg Organic Short Grain Brown Rice - 12 lbs $11.49

Organic Whole Wheat Bread - 2/26 oz loaves $4.95

Organic 14 Grain Bread - 2/26 oz loaves $4.79

Organic Sparkling Lemonade - 6/25 oz. $9.29

Annie’s Organic Macaroni & Cheese - 15/60 oz. $9.99

Treetop Organic Applesauce Cups - 36/4 oz. $9.99

Alden’s Organic Ice Cream - 2/48 oz. $7.85

They also carry organic pop tarts…but that’s where I say the “organic” label doesn’t necessarily mean healthy! I am sorry…organic sugar is still sugar!

So, if this list has helped you I'd appreciate it if you went and told Lindsay a big thanks and send her some bloggy roses or something.

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