Wednesday, May 07, 2008

body-foods for busy people

What a super cool gift for anyone. Jane's book is a great guide to eat right with wholesome tips for physical and mental well being! She offers suggestions for life's most common troubles: hangovers to jet lag. Jane Clarke is Britain's most respected and trusted nutritionist and in Bodyfoods for Busy People she shares her wisdom with Americans.
From the back cover:
Jane Clarke is an exceptional nutritionist. She loves food and she’s a great cook . . ."

Jamie Oliver, food critic and host of Oliver’s Twist on the Food Network Juggling a healthy diet with a hectic schedule is never easy, which is exactly why Jane Clarke, Britain’s most respected and trusted nutritionist, has written Bodyfoods for Busy People.

Jane’s down-to-earth approach gets straight to the point, meaning less time absorbing complicated nutritional information and more time nourishing your body with the right foods.

--Over 100 simple, delicious recipes to satisfy your taste buds and fit in with a hectic lifestyle, including ideas for 10-minute emergency suppers and energy boosting snacks

--The healthiest ways to eat out in restaurants and fast food joints, along with mouthwatering travel snacks, lunches to maximize concentration, and late-night soothers

--Jane helps you treat many complaints, from headaches, hangovers, and fatigue, to poor complexions and weight problems

--Bring you entire body back to life with the BodyFoods 48-hour Home-spa Plan.

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