Thursday, April 03, 2008

where's lylah been?

it's amazing how days just slip by so quickly - on into the other and before you know it - you haven't touched based. that's life, ya think? so, what have i been busy doing?

last week, i'd been on "nana duty" with my griffin grandkiddos - while jenni and gerald spent the week at conferences in the the north west.

on tuesday - poppie and candace took all but jillian to the zoo. see great pics here. jillian and i served tea to my friend, bonnie (who was visiting from portland). it was fun to teach jillian the importance of serving another woman so that when she leaves she'll feel so very hugged by God.

wednesday - i'm not sure exactly what happened wednesday day, but sweet daughter candace took my three charges to her house. what fun they had with diving practice.

thursday - i spent the morning with some girlfriends. sweet time. thursday night (all kiddos spent night at candaces) michael and i just spent time staring at each other.

friday morning we took jillian to breakfast and then in the early evening we all went to the community center and watched ivana ballerina's final ballet recital - all 20 seconds (maybe) of it. what a hoot.

saturday - just a hang out day.

sunday - michael and i along with three grandkiddos were invited to the norouz picnic where i got to make new friends with rosie and zohre and her daughter samira. i so love persian food. i have to say that american - western women might do well to learn from iranian (middle-eastern) women on how to "do hospitality." i've never been so served. i look forward to tea with rosie and zohre.

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