Sunday, April 20, 2008

Classy Trap for Pesky Wasps

Aren't these the cutest garden pretties that you've ever wanted to have? One of my readers mentioned her need to find something to get the wasps in her garden. A little research and I found just the thing and they're pretty and practical!
A little sugar water in the bottom of these pretty glass jars will lure wasps inside, where they can’t escape. Hang overhead or set on a table for wasp-free dining.

Attract wasps, hornets and yellow jackets with a little sugar water. Hang up or set on a tabletop away from active areas

Note: In case you are ordering this item as a gift and it is the only item on your order, please be aware that there is a picture of the item on the outside of the shipping box. Go here to order them. I am.

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