Sunday, March 16, 2008

March 17, 1954

My parents will celebrate 54 years of marriage. As my dear Mom reminisces this sweet poem poured from her heart today.

March 17,1954, is gone, Memories linger.
when the Judge hurt his index finger.

Back then when we were young, and ran away,
Never wondering what Dad & Mom would say,

He was dressed in his sailor hat and Navy blues,
Soon bells rang at noon, and we said the two words, "I Do"

Then we drove back to the Navy Base,
ready to look to rent a special place.

As I look back through these many years,
Memories of laughter and some tears,

We were young and I had to learn to cook,
Soon my days were reading Dr. Spock's Baby book.

Life give us many ups and downs along the way,
But now am thankful for another St. Patrick's Day.

Love all of you, MoM
March 16,2008

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