Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Garden News & Cupcake Cuteness

Just look at that man. The one on the left. Gosh, I love him. And, the great guy on the right is our favorite older son-in-law. Oh, yes. . .

I'm still here - just gardening, spending some shoulder to shoulder time with my husband, wiping his brow and serving him lemonade. I'll show more pictures soon.

Don't you just want to sit down under a sweet smelling shade tree and sip some lemonade? This great idea and this lemonade treat creates the sweetest southern wedding.

In the meantime, I'm still thinking about cupcakes and I love Notes from a Cottage Industry display of her fabulous looking cupcakes.

These yum cupcakes are compliments of Design Mom and Sk*rt, which btw - has some exciting news. Sk*rt is - well - sk*rty.

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