Friday, March 28, 2008

Cutest Cupcake Contest

Martha's having a super cool cupcake contest next week and if you're crazy about cupcakes you won't want to miss it. She's got some of her favorite cupcake shops listed and I do too - they're below.

On Monday, Martha's sharing her her own recipe for coconut cupcakes. On Tuesday, celebrate April Fools' Day with a unique cupcake from cookbook author and baker Karen Tack.
On Wednesday, make the Meyer lemon raspberry cupcake. On Thursday, learn a recipe for chocolate graham cracker cupcakes with toasted marshmallows and adorable cupcake pops. On Friday, learn how to make Mexican chocolate-pudding-filled cupcakes.

Oh, yea - Sprinkles Cupcakes. Easy mix here.

Super cute Wilton Cupcake stand at Sur La Table.

I found this super cute cakespy here. This blogger's desert review is to die for. And her etsy store is much about cupcakes.

Maybe I should open up a cupcake shop and call it - let's see - Crazy about Cupcakes and Grandkiddos? Yeah, like in my spare time. Nice thought though.

Strawberry Cupcake - from Susie Cakes in Los Angeles. Visit

Happy Cakes Bake Shop Cupcakes in Pasedena, CA. Visit

Happy Cakes Cupcakes in Denver -Visit

Martha's favorite cupcake from Swirls Cupcakes in West Belden, Chicago. Yum!

Buy this book now.

Buy this book now.

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