Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Morning - January 12 - Basque Country

Jillian's extra bed-buddies.

A very fun present from Auntie Candace, fondly called T-T.

The play/food place where we celebrated Miriam's 3rd.

Griffin's and Ane at Di Berti Park.

Wow, good sleep is so amazing and such a gift. I really had a great sleep last night. Jet lag has this way of making you fall asleep and then wake up, let's say 2 am and just be totally awake . . . for hours . . . so, when I say a "good" sleep, it means I didn't have those crazy wide awake - wondering why I'm so wide awake thoughts. YEA!

It was predetermined that I'd snuggle with Miriam the first night of arriving. Jillian requested the next one which (as you can see from the above pics) included a few extra sleeping buddies: Hello Kity and Ana Belle. I could't resist the picture. And, no I didn't move them. How many Grandmas get to sleep with to kitties and a princess?

Today we celebrated Miriam's 3rd. Last night she was a bit "emotional" wondering if she'd still be "Mimi" in the morning. She was tender to say the least. We were joined with a few other families at a place called Di Berti Park.

Tonight we're headed to France for dinner at the home of Frank and Patricia. I hear the woman of the house is an amazing cook. Can't wait to learn, watch and post some pictures and recipes!

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