Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ignacio of Loyola - His House

Check out those stairs and the rock to build this place. Amazing.
How'd ya like to cook on this thing? Note the flooring - it reminds me of a real nice saltillo tile.
I totally have a place for this in my house. Just kidding.

This is his real table. I felt so weird sitting there...but I got over it. What kind of conversations happened around this table?

It's such a strange feeling to be walking around in someone's house with such a history. Not only is this place old - built between 17th and 18th centuries, but just the fact that life, people, family, God, war, legacy happened in the rooms that we walked through. The interior of Ignacio's house was dividedd into four floors. I think the ground floor was for the grain, animals and storage. We walked up very beautiful, wooden stairs to the second floor where I was told that was the place where every day life happened. I'm at the "cook stove." This was the kitchen and the servants quarters.

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la femme elisabeth said...

Woah! So cool. I must admit that I have no idea who that guy is, tho. But I loved your comments. :)