Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Biarritz School - The Immaculate Conception - Class One

The vote was unanimous, Michael and I were going to Biarritz with Chris and Megan. We would assist and then give a presentation or two about the Summer in the USA program. The SIUSA program offers to do a U.S. geography class presentation in English classes and then share about the importance and benefits for students to become efficient in learning English. Included in the presentation is the explanation of what the Summer in the USA program offers to it's participants - four weeks in the USA - three weeks staying with volunteer American families and then one week at a camp for youth.

Michael and I are generally pretty adept at winging things, so we made the presentation our "own." I took pictures of each class and posted my blog so the kids could see their pictures. Here's the first class.

The kids watching the video of Summer in the USA.

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