Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Grid to Make Disciples - Discipleship Part 3

I love to get to know other women. Partly it’s a temperament thing—I’m more of a people person than a task person. I think people are wonderful to get to know. I also know—from Scripture—that God doesn’t want anyone to perish. It’s His heart that EVERY Image Bearer come to know His Son Jesus in a personal way. Read your Bible—it says that.

So, in light of that—I look at EVERY connection with other woman—as a Kingdom Opportunity for discipleship. I purposely pursue and talk with and set myself in a position to make a connection with another woman. I listen and I seek to begin to build a relationship with this woman. I want to know her (this is done by listening) and I want her to know me.

Time spent builds trust. Trust can lead to an opportunity to guide the conversations to talks about subjects like: Life, God, Eternity, Judgment, Marriage, Womanhood—etc. I believe that EVERY woman has questions at some season in her life about these kinds of subjects.

When I HEAR something along these (subject) lines, I’m ready to shed light on what God says. I can confidently do this because I am a disciple—I am a trained learner.

In time, it will be known to her and to me IF she's ready to follow Jesus and do what He says to do. I've learned, that I cannot take time, give time, make time for a woman who isn't serious on being a disciple. That might sound harsh, but I've spent so much time in the past with women who just wanted their ears tickled - women who didn't really want to obey Jesus and apply His word to their life. I've spent too much time staking little trees. In hindsight, that was all about me, and my image rather than God and what He wanted.

Today - I don't do that. I let women know right up front what I'm about and the path I will travel on with them. They chose. Then I chose.

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